x every day: threehundredsixtytwo

13 January 2009


I have a dentist appointment at 7am tomorrow. I had to get one quickly to solve this grinding problem I have that causes the facings-- that I got because I grind-- to pop off. I'm still out of it from the alarm waking me out of a deep nightmare in which I was teenaged and had forgotten to bring my camera on a roadtrip to Vancouver.

Today I went to yoga class, and afterwards with shaky arms dropped my homemade, leftover pizza. Picking it up from the kitchen floor, I gave much thought to eating it anyways. Logic prevailed after I imagined everyone's shoes stomping through, and I bought a boring lunch at the cafeteria. After work I gave a coworker a ride to the tire shop to pick up his car. I made curry twice-baked potatoes for dinner while Erik tried to find his keys, even returning to the office to look for them.

It was odd to be so aware of my comfort-eating today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be stronger.