x every day: threehundredsixtythree

14 January 2009


7am dentist appointment. Ugh. They called me at 7:08 wondering where I was. I was running up the sidewalk in front of the building. After replacing my three missing fillings, I decided to shell out for a real night guard. The $20 make-your-own one I bought at Walgreens just doesn't work. It doesn't fit all the way in my mouth, so I wake up every twenty minutes or so, uncomfortable and chomping on the thing. Finally, around 4am, I take it out. Every night. Even though insurance doesn't cover it, not having fillings replaces every couple of months will make up the cost in no time.

Work work work, a four mile run that was tough on my lungs, a free session to try out the Pilates "Reformer" machine, and I arrived home to make homemade spaghettiOs. We walked to the video store and Palio. Palio only had the vegan cake we don't like, so we came home and I melted chocolate chips to dip digestive biscuits into. It's been a long day.