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25 July 2009

Today I saw a large pickup truck laden with ten road bikes. There were four on a rack in the bed, four on a rack off the back, and then I saw the bonus two on the front as I passed in the left lane.

23 July 2009

Today I saw part of a small bird's wing, on the ground directly in front of the glass doors to my area in the building at work. It stayed there all day, blown about a bit, but the light bones held the feathers together the entire time.

08 July 2009

Today I saw an episode of one of my new favorite tv shows, wherein the British schoolkids do a musical about September 11th. It was so bizarre to watch British teenagers sing about an event that happened to me. I still feel confused.

07 July 2009

Today I saw lots of falcons, I think peregrine. Maybe just birds of prey, but I do think they were all falcons. The first was perched on a lamp post overlooking Highway 26 as I drove home from work. The second landed in a tree next to the train tracks as we rode our bikes just past the entrance to the Springwater Trail. Then we passed a nest with two adults and an unknown number of babies, on a platform built specifically for them.

06 July 2009

Today I saw red plastic soldiers and a pink toy car on the "Blair Witch" trail from the parking lot to my building; lots of big oak galls on the ground (I snagged the largest whole one for my desk-- looks like a potato); a yellow biplane flying so low that I could see the pilot through the open door.

05 July 2009

Today I saw a Value Village, two Goodwills, and the Dig on a tour of thriftstores with Juliet, from work.

01 July 2009

Today I saw demonstrations of basic knife work. Rick's friend Mike showed a bunch of us how to cut onions, garlic, ginger, potatoes, bell pepper, and pineapple, now that we all have nice knives from the local Shun warehouse sale.