x every day: threehundredsixtyone

12 January 2009


It sure was difficult to get up this morning. I forgot to bring leftover pizza in to work for lunch, so I had the cafeteria's scrumptious pozole-- the first meal I've eaten in weeks that wasn't painful, with my torn-up mouth.

I went for a swim after work, my first since the August 2nd triathlon. It was a slog, but it felt so good to be back, to have conquered the mental barrier of getting in the pool. The dizzy-headed feeling made it a challenge to drive home, picking up Erik on the way, but we got dinner fixed up in a hurry: Erik made riblets and I made a mess of greens. We watched "Layer Cake," which was too confusing the follow, maybe because I made ice cream (peach & strawberry) and popcorn, so I was concentrating on other things. There's still time for an early night.