x every day: threehundredsixty

11 January 2009


I went for a ten mile run this morning, from OMSI up Terwilliger with Anna, Suzanne, Bob, and Kevin. Leslie also ran with us for a bit. It was so difficult, since I haven't run that distance in nearly a month-- since the first day of the Snowpocalypse. I was the slowest one, and I was really pushing myself. Both of my arches blistered before we hit the turnaround point, so I ran with my feet turned out the entire way back.

The waffle cart called to me for breakfast, but I was steadfast. Toaster waffles and Gimmee Lean sausage were a passable substitution. Erik had to work-- from home, luckily-- so we hung out in the house. I can't remember what I did. Not much of anything, I guess, because I didn't upload a since New Zealand photo.

I made an assortment of frozen items we recently purchased at Fu Bon for a dim sum lunch. Later, I went for a walk on lower east Burnside. Redux is the best jewelry store I've ever been in, and it was tough to curb my purchases to two items. They really have the kinds of things I love to look at and wear-- tiny bird vertebrae pendants and cast silver acorns, pyrex glass spiral earrings and pocket watches with art nouveau enameled flowers. I got a coffee at Grendel's in the spirit of buying coffee twice a day in New Zealand, and walked down to the skatepark under the bridge. It's a rather sketchy area.

We made pizzas for dinner, and saw a later showing of "Slumdog Millionaire."