x every day: threehundredfiftynine

10 January 2009


Portland Too Perfect?: I love to read this kind of article, in awe of this city, even though it was written three years ago.

Viva La Moda: New online mag for handmade fashion items.

I spent most of the day sitting in the nook or on the couch, deep in a search for this dress I saw on a woman in the Auckland airport. Now I wish I had asked her about it. It was a long-skirted (maxi) halter dress, in a print that looked like knitted stitches, in brown, mustard, and pumpkin colors. The drape and fit were beautiful, and I know it wouldn't look as such on me, but I've been driven to find it. I haven't found anything close yet, but I've discovered a few good brands for dresses: Park Vogel, Monsoon, Oli, and Fever. I bought one dress, from a surprisingly well-stocked crappy vintage clothing website. And I put an inquiry on another dress that seems available only in the UK. Erik & I went to Pottery Barn after he finished nearly a full day of work, although we didn't see anything to spend our giftcard on. Instead, I bought two bedside lamps online while we waited for our food at Vegetarian House. We went to Matt's (of the band, Chores) bday party afterwards, and I enjoyed meeting & talking to Natalie and Jimmy, as well as petting the resident greyhounds.