x every day: threehundredfiftyeight

09 January 2009


I started the morning with green tea instead of my usual half-caf coffee at home, and I was sleepy all day. I forgot a crucial piece of gear, so I was only able to use the treadmill today-- no run. Unsatisfying, but I'm proud of my first [work] week of the new year. I ran on Monday and Wednesday, went to yoga class on Tuesday and Thursday, and used the elliptical machine today. Tomorrow's my rest day and Sunday is a long run-- first in a month and last before the Phoenix half marathon, next Sunday.

I skipped the five hour Rock Band party at work, but I did go to the Lounge-- IT's Friday end-of-day cocktail hour. Erik and I finally got to the grocery store (Limbo for produce and Trader Joe's for the rest of it), but both were so desolate of goods that it was rather depressing. The crazy winter weather and flooding that's shut down parts of both major north-south interstate highways has cause massive trucking delays. No pre-washed, bagged spinach! I go through a bag in a week, two at most. I will try to make do with other green items for now-- peas and kale.