x every day: threehundredfortyone

22 December 2008


Granted, I woke up pretty late. I assumed that my work would be closed, but there wasn't even a delayed opening. Sure, the gym and all services were closed, so once I got out there I'd have to take the bus somewhere to even get food. But we started out for the bus stop, and sure enough I got a text that campus is closed for the rest of the week. Instead of work, then, we walked to buy tire chains (after Erik called tons of places to find them), deposit checks, try to buy a snow shovel (sold out), bring Lindy water (and we tried to put xmas lights around a bowl, so that some of his water would remain unfrozen. Unfortunately the lights I had lugged all that way didn't turn on, so we're back to square one), and return movies. Then I made lunch, we put the chains on the car, and drove to my hair cut appointment.