x every day: threehundredfortytwo

23 December 2008


Erik had to go to work today (with a two hour delayed opening) so I stayed home and mostly puttered about. I felt worse today, this unrelenting cold, so I lay on the couch and read for a good long while. Of course at a certain point I couldn't resist the feeling of needing to clean up the house for our housesitter while we're gone, so I spent some time moving from room to room, putting things in their appropriate spots and getting rid of stuff. Then the cabin fever got to me and I had to get out of the house.

I decided to walk downtown to meet Erik as he got out of work, go to the post office, and buy a book. Unfortunately Erik had already made plans with his dad, and the going was slower on the icy sidewalks than I had anticipated. I barely made it across the Hawthorne Bridge before Erik's dad had picked him up, and they picked me up too. I didn't get to do those errands, but Erik and I ordered pizza and then rather than wait ninety minutes for a delivery, walked to pick it up. Then we watched "Death Race," which was surprisingly entertaining.