x every day: threehundredforty

22 December 2008


Slept in late, read in bed, stayed in my pajamas to watch "Breathless" and repair another coat. Then we decided we needed to get out of the house, our mission being to buy hiking boots. There are only a couple of non-leather models, and Erik called all around town to find a pair in my size. After digging out the car and making our way through the snowy streets wearing my rainboots, the hiking boots were incredibly warm and supportive. Erik bought a pair too.

We had to drive around a bit to find a place that was open for dinner, but we ate a nice Thai meal and then went to Chris & Shetha's house to check on their dog. Unfortunately they have changed their locks since giving us a house key, so we couldn't get in to get water. We walked to 7-11 and bought a gallon to put in a couple of bowls, since Lindy's main water container had frozen solid.

Back home we did some chores and then decided to go out for a beer. Blitz was closed, so we walked to the next closest place with tatertots: the Barley Mill Pub. After a nice walk home, we watched "House Bunny." Erik's work is already closed tomorrow, so I hope mine is too.