x every day: twohundredninetyeight

09 November 2008


Today was my sleep-in day, so I stayed in bed to cuddle the cats and read a little. I made a pancake that turned out inedible, Erik went to Costco, and I researched itineraries for our trip to New Zealand. When Erik got home, we went over to Andrew & Sonya's apartment to look after their kitten.

Back home I made lunch (leftovers) and then we went down to the basement for Erik to do laundry while I went through piles in the basement. I filled two more bags and an assortment of bulky items, all of which Erik took to the Goodwill drive-through donation while I worked on dinner-- lasagna and garlic bread for the whole family. Chris was really late, so the lasagna got a bit tepid, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards Erik and I did our weekly tidy-up chores extra-thoroughly as Jill is coming tomorrow (hurrah!).