x every day: twohundredninetyseven

08 November 2008


Woke up just before the alarm because it was the perfect dim brightening in our bedroom. The running posse met at St Honore's bakery, ran six miles down to the waterfront (with Olivia, Merrick, Flip and Lola), then settled in for a pastry and coffee while we wished Kevin a happy birthday.

Back home, Erik & I did our usual ritual of sharing two donuts, a bagel, and coffee at Sweet Pea Bakery. Then we ran a series of errands: the farmers' market, Powell's to research New Zealand sights, Blossoming Lotus for a snack, Blue Moon for used lens filters. Blue Moon was a special treat because Flickr celebrity Zeb Andrews was the one who helped me pick out and try filters. It was fun to try a number, and I ended up with a polarizing filter, a cross-lined filter, a fluorescent lighting compensating filter, and a pinhole cover. Fun stuff!

Erik and I started cleaning up the basement-- although we didn't get far since I had to make dinner (fajitas) before going to the Wordstock edition of Live Wire. The show was amazing, mostly for me because of Lynda Barry, a woman who has inspired quite a few adventures in my life. And she looks like Marlys, one of her characters. And she's unabashedly awesome. Anyhow, that's the day. I can't wait for tomorrow-- sleeping in, more walking, cloud-filled skies, and basement clean up. It's funny how many things I blew off today but don't mind having missed at all. Maybe I'm learning.