x every day: twohundredninetynine

10 November 2008


My lunchtime run around the berm, although in the direction that's usually easier for me, felt really tough. My legs were lead, so I took it easy and went pretty slow. I had to work late to make sure a small project was finished. With a maddening, pointless error message, I debugged til I discovered that the script opening was the supposed bad line, and then I removed the script altogether and put back one line at a time, republishing the page until every line was back in, untouched. For some reason, that worked. I made easy burger for dinner, then blueberry hand-pies with the extra time. I had made the pastry a few days ago, so it didn't take long. Unfortunately the filling was near tasteless.

Other than that, I'm in a foul mood. Don't ask.