x every day: twohundredeightynine

01 November 2008


I love Halloween. It's my favorite day of the year: when you can be literally anything you want to be, not just a profession like you're asked when you're growing up. This year Erik and I dressed as Han Solo and Princess Leia. We were supposed to do LEGO versions of the characters, but that part didn't come together so well. Work was a blur of costume contests and parties, and then we had some trick-or-treaters at home, stopped by to see our nephews' costumes, went out to eat, I cut out a Dia de los Muertos paper figure and sewed a little bag to match my costume, and we went out to the Eagles of Death Metal show. Which was a bit disappointing. Then we went to Potato Champion for poutine and hit the Nemo party for good measure. I have to say, wearing an outfit that covers everything from the chin down, I was surprise at how many people were excited to see me in more than a friendly way. I had no idea that a) there are so many geeky guys, period, and b) that the Leia fantasy extends beyond the metal slave-girl bikini. Especially when 90% of ladies take the opportunity to dress as scantily as possible. At any rate, I was surprised that no one got my costume wrong. That was great, but next year I'll be something a bit more obscure and less prone to pickup lines like "Help me Obi Wan!" and "May the Force be with you."