x every day: twohundredninety

01 November 2008


We're at the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort hotel to celebrate our anniversary (11 years/ 6 years). This morning we slept in, I finished voting, we had our usual Saturday glut at Sweetpea, dropped off our ballots, and went home to do various house tasks. We cleaned up the yard, put everything away for the winter, I tried to mow the grass but it rained on and off a few times, Erik raked the paths in front and cleaned out the gutter.

Then we took off for Bonneville and our spa appointments. Hanging out in the hot tub on our balcony, Erik saw what he thought was a large fox-- it was a coyote watching us from the clearing around the hotel at the edge of the forest. As soon as we stared back, the coyote loped off into the trees.