x every day: twohundredsixtythree

05 October 2008


Today is Kenard's birthday. He's two years old, and next week my youngest nephew also turns two.

This morning I watched mile 19 of the marathon at Rebecca's house, although I missed seeing Bob run by. I stopped by Flavour Spot on the way home and brought Erik a ham-gouda-maple waffle. I finished the final book of the Twilight Saga while doing laundry, tidying the house, and cooking. I made a super spicy Mexican-influenced stew with ingredients from my garden and yesterday's farmers' market-- stuff like that gets me jazzed, which I think officially means that I'm old. I decided to hit my favorite thriftstores in the area-- the Goodwill and Salvation Army up in the 'Couv, but then I couldn't find them and drove around a bunch (Google was WRONG. Wrong!) and went to a different Goodwill. I found the shirt and vest for Erik's costume, though. I headed back to Portland for a slew of errands, although I only went to Nordstrom. Erik met me there and we came home for a quiet evening of spicy dinner, blueberry/strawberry/peach ice cream (thank you, fancy blender), and slumping on the couch. Ah, Sunday.