x every day: twohundredsixtyfour

06 October 2008


I had to do one of those menial tasks today that makes one question one's career path: I went to the conference center and watched a digitape on a tiny screen in a back room on a huge rack of a/v equipment, my neck craned up while I took notes into my boss's boss's Powerpoint presentation. He'll never even know that my hands touched it.

I ran an exhilarating stride at lunch, and my neck didn't bother me although it's stiff as all get-out and has been for the past few days. I finally got up the nerve to try my kombucha, which I thought might have gone mouldy, but dammit it was good! Not quite vinegary enough for my taste, although it smells like rice wine vinegar, and it's fizzy.

I threw together leftovers for dinner so that we could make it to the Sigur Ros show, so we each had a sweet potato/black bean smoky burrito and a Panang curry Thai burrito. I'm exhausted and Erik's playing with his delightful new camera.