x every day: twohundredsixtytwo

04 October 2008


Ran 12 miles at 7am with Bhavna and Sara. It was warm and dark and windy when we started, so it sounded like it was cold and heavily raining, and we had all bundled up. It's funny that this run felt as tough as last week's 20. I think I'm ready to be done, which is a good place to be two weeks before the marathon.

Did the customary ice bath and donut & bagel sharing with Erik at Sweet Pea, and then I dropped him off downtown at work. I went to the farmers' market and purchased produce til my bag overflowed and my shoulder tried to break. I still stopped to take photos, though.

I ran a few more errands, read for maybe 15 minutes, made lunch for myself, and then Erik called me to tell me that our evening party was actually happening that minute. I picked him up downtown at the camera stores, where we drooled over the D50 and G10. We went to Tim & Christine's house and hung out with some cool people, then went to see "Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist" on the way home. It was over pretty early, so I'm rather shocked that I've spent the last three hours tidying the kitchen, concocting tea and snacks, and working on photos.