x every day: twohundredsixtynine

11 October 2008


I woke up many times overnight and in the morning, waiting for the alarm to sound at 6am. When it did and I thought about the eight mile run in the cold, dark, early morning... well, I txt'd two friends who would be there that I was skipping. It was tough to get back to sleep, but I stayed in bed til 8:30am. Erik and I still made a donut run, and got home to meet Donna to go up to Ridgefield, WA for BirdFest. Unfortunately we didn't meet up with the rest of the crew, but the three of us went for a great hike in the wildlife refuge, saw a couple of bald eagles, and rescued dozens of woolybear caterpillars from being squished.

We ate a delicious late lunch at Por Que No out in the gorgeous autumn sunshine, then went to a couple of camera shops. I was ready to buy a camera, but I needed the trusty cohorts. Well, I did it. With the help of my favorite enablers, I bought a new camera.

We watched "Team American World Police," then Donna and I worked on shrinkydinks-- she made a huge, detailed, gorgeous peacock that bubbled in the oven even under my new flattening setup. We persisted, though, and it came out well.