x every day: twohundredseventy

12 October 2008


Woke up, went for a nine mile run up Mt Tabor. It was chilly and drizzling when I started, but I never had to stop for a walk on the hill (except for those insane stairs-- they're tough to get up at all) and it felt good. We went for a quick shopping trip to get ingredients to make lemon-cornmeal waffles for Gabriel's birthday brunch. We were pretty late, though, and then I was late to the Luna Chix bowling fundraiser. It was pretty quiet and we mostly sat around chatting til Bob came by in the last hour and bowled a frame with Sara and me.

I made leftover sweet potato burritos for a late lunch, then Erik and I drove up to Cathedral Park for a photography outing. Back home, I made a quick, light Vietnamese-inspired dinner while talking to my mom.