x every day: twohundredsixtyeight

11 October 2008


Kari and I went to Oba for a quick happy hour bite to eat before going to the pre-party for the night's Portland Fashion Week show. It was just standing around, drinking, people-watching, waiting to be let into the show space proper. At one point I was elbowed quite forcefully, which caused half of my cup of red wine to land along the entire length of my left arm. A friendly stranger gave me her napkin, and after it was fully saturated, I went back to the bar to get my own napkin. Except that I got stopped and carded. To get a napkin. After I had already purchased (and was wearing) two glasses of wine.

At any rate, the show started about an hour late and only lasted 45 minutes. It was decidedly so-so. We had time to kill before the "exclusive after party" and so we met Erik for poutine at the potato cart near our house.

Kari somehow convinced me to still go to the after party at Lucier, which was awful-- short men in suits with something to prove, everything cloyingly decadent, and the cheapest drink was a $13 glass of wine.

I got home at 12:30am and had trouble sleeping-- time anxiety, perhaps because our electrical meter was changed and so my main clock was blinking the wrong time all night.