x every day: twohundredsixtyseven

09 October 2008


A not much of anything day, wherein nothing quite satisfied. I ate my brownie before yoga class and then none of the food in the cafeteria looked appetizing. I placed three phone calls on my way home from work, which was longer than usual and aggravated due to a woman who tried to use the bike lane to pass me on the right before the on-ramp to the highway. She made some very expressive gestures in her car when I used my signal to move into the turn lane, once it appeared. I wanted to make alfredo for dinner, but we have no margarine in the house so I fudged it with olive oil. That would've been fine except that I used a fancy pasta, came in an odd volume-- too little to use only part of the bag, but too much to use the whole bag. I used the whole bag, and so there wasn't quite enough sauce to fully coat the pasta. So you see, it was one of those days.