x every day: twohundredfiftynine

01 October 2008


I was out til 2am last night, so I slept in a tiny bit. Latish to work, and splurged on a gingerbread latte. Don't juuudge!

I didn't have running gear at work so I read outside at lunch. Bliss. I got a few of my personal tasks done, then after work more: Costco to order contact lenses, DEQ for smogging and registration. I picked Erik up from happyhour with his dad, made Penang "Beef" Thai curry for dinner, and went to Palio for an hour (two hours later than I had planned, and for half the amount of time) to read old journals and write. The highlight was a letter John sent me in 1999 about a feud we had over powdered ginger. It was thoughtful, beautifully written, and bitingly harsh. I managed to write a page, but I didn't even open my drawing materials. Next time, when I have two hours!