x every day: twohundredfiftyseven

30 September 2008


What is today, even? I thought I heard my phone ring on the way into work (late to meet Kari in the parking garage) and noticed a slew of missed calls and a text from my friend Eric in Tennessee. He broke his collarbone in a road accident he can't remember. I was wailed on him, worrywart-style, as it was horrible to hear that he'd been hurt but a relief to hear that he'd be okay.

I also spent some time with AT&T to get my network/data connection fixed (they removed my data package), ran during lunch for the first time in ages, make quesadillas for dinner, and we bought flights to Phoenix for the half marathon. Erik and I went to a show at Holocene and met up with a friend from AK and his girlfriend-- great people.