x every day: twohundredeightyseven

30 October 2008


I forgot to mention that on Friday at lunchtime, while out for a run around the berm trail, I raced a tree. I was running, looked to my right, and there was the tree, moving along at a similar speed to my own, horizontal. It was being carried by a tractor. We moved along, side by side together, for a while before the tree had to stop for a turning car. I outran the tree.

Today, meh. Went for a run, ran errands after work: Goodwill (wherein I finally asked about their toy gun policy and discovered that they have no weapon-like items at all), Uqajimaya, and a vain attempt to find a Salvation Army next to the previous in Google Maps. I did go to Michael's, though, and spend way too much on jewelry supplies (and then I made a fuzzy-beaded necklace tonight). I also went to a dollar store across the street which was just about the saddest establishment I've been inside for years.

I came home and made ramen for dinner with homemade broth, faux fish (not fishy), peas and red peppers. I affixed the top button thingy to Erik's mask. I painted one coat on mine. I did a load of laundry, and ran the dishwasher. I started on my dress and hood for my costume. There's still so much to do, I'm definitely worried about finishing it.