x every day: twohundredeightyfour

26 October 2008


Erik and I went to Cory's in Beavercreek, right away in the morning (well, I made bagel sandwiches first). We saw Grandpa's newly put-together house, and poured a first layer of resin in jewelry molds. Rick, Nedra, Cory, Erik and I went to Silver Falls, hoping to find some bits and bobs to embed in the resin. We didn't find anything, but North Falls was amazing. We tried to go to the main falls (South Falls), but the line of cars was far too long and we were all pretty hungry. We ate lunch at a Mexican place in Silverton, then Rick and Nedra took off and the rest of us finished pouring resin. Erik and I rushed home to Bob taking away the wood we've had stacked up for two years. I went to the thriftstore for costume supplies, then came home and made dinner-- using the roasted pumpkin soup base I made yesterday, I added Thai curry paste, coconut milk, pan-fried curry seitan, and spinach. It was delicious with grilled rosemary bread from the farmers' market. After dinner I started paper macheing. It was wonderfully easy to make the paste (flour, water, salt) and I just started in. Fun! I just hope it turns out. It certainly took longer than I thought to build up enough layers-- and I just hope that there are enough.