x every day: twohundredeightythree

25 October 2008


Today was full of many little slices of heaven. We stayed in bed late, went to Sweet Pea for our donuts, bagel, and coffee. I took Erik to work and went to the farmers' market, observing on the way that the Ladd's Carriage House was being moved. I got to see it moved from its original location a year or more ago, so I parked between the market and the move and went to observe and take a few photos. The farmers' market was at its absolute peak: everything is available, from summer items like tomatoes and strawberries, to autumn treats like fancy apples and ugly ornamental gourds.

After the market I went home and cooked, of course. Roasted a hubbard winter squash and started the slow cooker on a soup. Then I cleaned out my room's closet and found some old art I made in high school, stuff that's surprisingly good-- certainly better than I could create right now. It was exhilarating to see the stuff and brought back ideas more than memories. I picked Erik up at work and we went to the Japanese garden, which was sadly closed. We ran a few errands, then while chatting with Julie on Skype I discovered that December holiday airfares had significantly dropped. We searched out the best airfare and suddenly it was time for the Dave Attell show, which was fantastically hilarious. Came home and have been doing the regular evening thing ever since-- photos and kitchen cleanup.