x every day: twohundredeightyfive

27 October 2008


It was difficult to shake my dream upon the alarm beeping at 6:44am. I had snuck into a dorm and a reality show was being taped. I forced myself to go for a run at lunch, which turned out to be fantastic. It was so warm that I wore shorts and a tshirt and wasn't cold even first thing going outside. After work I went to the Goodwill nearby and found shoes that aren't great but will do for our costumes. Not much else though-- a sweater that might do better for a turtleneck than the one I originally bought. The first paper mache isn't quite yet dry, but I did do the small jar for the top of Erik's mask and the smaller face mask for my costume. I have a long way to go! (For dinner I made pizza with three faux meats that we had-- Tofurky deli slices, St Yves breakfast sausages, and our favorite smoked duck. Also did the sliced potato thing, which was delicious.)