x every day: twohundredthirtytwo

04 September 2008


I left the office around 11am to go down to Eugene for a new store opening. Oddly, I was the main photographer there; they hadn't hired anyone. The party went well, perhaps because of some last-minute decision. We left around 7:30pm and I got home just after 10.

It has been a truly insane transportation day. Just blocks from my house, I slowed down behind a bicycle as there was a car coming the other way and I didn't have room to pass. A biker without a front light passed me on the left, narrowly avoiding the oncoming car. After the car passed and I could've passed the slow bike, the first nutcase's friend passed me on the left, also without a front light. Luckily I'm hyper aware, because he was wearing all black, including his helmet. The first guy proceeded to bike down the wrong side of the road, narrowly moving out of the way for a car turning onto our street, and then both bikes blew through the circle's infamous stop sign. And that's just one of the stories from this evening.