x every day: twohundredthirtyone

04 September 2008


Yeah, the usual work crap. I didn't take a lunch or work out, but I didn't do much of anything, either. I left work straight for Donna's. We went to the Bye & Bye for dinner and a drink, sitting outside and chatting. A guy may or may not have tried to flirt with us by calling us lame for both wearing scarves. I argued with him, while Donna took it laid back. Surprised? Me neither. We went across the river to Powell's and perused design books before having a drink and a half at Teardrop. We asked to split a glass of sangria, and our server gave us each a nearly-full glass. We were charged for the one. I can't say I've had that happen before, have you? Then we sat in the driveway by Donna's house, talking and listening to Ryan Adams songs. Now that's a slice of heaven, yeah.