x every day: twohundredthirtythree

05 September 2008


I biked in, and it was glorious. I'm head over heels into the second book of the young adult vampire series called Twilight Saga. I read it, head down, the whole train ride. In to work this morning and on the way home.

Work was just wailing away on the photos I took yesterday; they took me all day. As much as I enjoy the creative endeavor, especially one with which I have such directive liberty, the time crunch was painful. I don't have the equipment, nor the speed myself. I started in earnest at 9:30am and didn't finish til 5:40pm, no breaks. The deadline was for half that time. Will I ever learn to correctly estimate time? I can't ever seem to get my fingertips to feel out its shape, ever.

I had a drink with coworkers, at work (the "Lounge"). I biked straight home, and here I've stayed. A bit of reading in the hammock (including tripping over a little metal table and giving myself some serious crazy bruises/contusions), reading on the couch, coloring shrink-plastic with art nouveau patterns from books I bought with Donna at Powell's the other night. Listening to Morphine and Ryan Adams while sitting in the nook, balancing a very makeshift set up to try out the new, crazy macro lens that Lake made and loaned to me. That's the stuff of a good day.