x every day: twohundredthirtysix

08 September 2008


I biked to work. That extra time in the morning to read in an insulated bubble is just heavenly. That is, til someone stinky sits down next to me, trapping me against the wall of the train.

Work dragged on. I didn't do much. Wasn't able to concentrate. Went for a tiny walk towards the end of the day and saw two turtles swimming in the stream, eating algae. That was pleasant.

On the ride home, I took a detour to participate in Where's Domo. We went to Bara for dinner, then visited Andrew to hear about his first full day at school. Back home, I made butterscotch pecan cookies (need to add a tad more salt, and cook for less time at higher heat. Recipe called for 9 min @ 350, I ended up with 16 min and crunchy cookies) and took quite a number of photos that called for extensive studio-type setup.