x every day: twohundredthirtyfive

07 September 2008


Woke up a lot, but stayed in bed late. Really late for me, although Erik seemed disappointed-- 9am. I made smoothies and hash browns for breakfast, and cleaned up the atrocious kitchen. We lazed around doing various house tasks, and I made an early lunch of spaghetti and, since we didn't have meat[less] balls, [soy] chicken nuggets. Erik wasn't feeling well, and took a long nap in the hammock while I continued to do random tasks around the house and yard. So we didn't go to Beacon Rock, but it was still a lovely, relaxing, useful-feeling day. I used my World's Fanciest Blender (WFB) a third time today (second was blending the tomato sauce that I had made a week ago but left chunky, since I didn't have any blending machinery), to make blueberry icecream (raspberry sorbet I had made nearly two months ago from my abundant raspberries, plus frozen blueberries from the farmers' market, huckleberries that Dad and Aunt Margaret, Bob and I picked last year, and half a banana). It was incredibly good, and I feel like I achieved some sort of blending record.