x every day: twohundredthirtyseven

09 September 2008


Okay, I had major trouble waking up. Since my alarm clock has a 3 minute snooze, I have to reset it when I want to sleep in an extra 15 minutes. Well, this morning I must've set the clock forward 15 minutes instead of the alarm. I woke up at 7:10am, 40 minutes late.

Blah blah work, yoga. Extra difficult in the shoulders yoga. Feeling creaky in my knees and ankle yoga. Went for a 13 mile bike ride, and followed Donna & Lake back from the waterfront. When they came over to pick up a camera lens that Lake had loaned me, I connived them into staying for pizza and my [in]famous blender icecream. We fired up the box wine and Ryan Adams cd's, and it was quite the party. I am so glad they stayed and we were able to share the million little things that pop into one's/your/my head over the course of an hour. Donna gave me a rad macrame owl necklace, handmade in Argentina, which perfectly matched my tank top. She had one that perfectly matched her shirt, so it was some kind of jewelry kismet. I had enough wine and idea exchange that I'm sleepy...