x every day: twohundredthirtyeight

10 September 2008


I just went to a barbeque for a friend's visiting Croatian parents. So please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors. I haven't eaten since lunch, but I've had some wine. Where some equals... oh, feel free to imagine that part. I won Aspen's soul in a bet. About a Sesame Street character. Oh. I can't remember the other thing I was just about to type. So please excuse me for not having a real photo. I had an immediate need to listen to a specific Minus The Bear song, but Erik's stomach was bother him, so I listened to it for a bit on the main radio and snapped a Photobooth picture while singing to it, but now I'm listening through headphones. So, yeah. Went for a five mile run, which was perhaps the most painful run I've experienced since... Hood to Coast? Carp. Beyond that, my own training runs haven't been so bad, but my right rotor cuff is in bad shape from yoga and biking. Oh yes, what I meant was that i have a few photos from today but I'd have to figure out how to get them off the camera, but more crazily is that I have exciting pictures from last night, but they were yesterday (after I shot and chose the photo for the day), and that's yesterday. Not today.

I could come across as more sober, if I cared to. So the above is for...