x every day: twohundredthirtynine

11 September 2008


My poor camera. It doesn't always turn on anymore, suddenly, starting Wednesday night. It makes these chugga-chugga stuck motor sounds. And more often than not, when I hit the zoom rocker, there's a lens error, I have to turn the camera off twice (the first time shuts it down, the second time sucks the lens back in) and start over. Granted, I've had this thing for a couple of years and mean to get a new one... but I love this camera. It does everything.

I successfully avoided news, the radio, television, and hearing anyone talk about today's date significance, with one little exception. So I'm pretty happy with how it went.

Yoga, which was painful on my shoulders (rotor cuffs), but no run. Went to Oktoberfest at the off-campus at the IT buildings, so I got to see Cory, Tom, and Rick. Skipped Mikki's bday happy hour, but went to the farmers' market and got knives, my good sewing scissors, and my garden pruners all sharpened. Then we went to Safeway to buy a million buckets of cat litter. When we got home I went to go water the yard and the hose-- which has had an expanding bubble for a while now, maybe a month-- burst on me. I made gazpacho for dinner for myself, using The Blender and tomatoes and a red pepper from my garden. And then I finally, finally finished my first double mat for the print Erik got for my birthday last year. It looks amazing. We also watched "The Fall" on the BluRay player we borrowed from Chris. The costumes and sets (mostly real palaces in India) were stunning, and Lee Pace starred, so of course I recommend it.