x every day: twohundredtwentyseven

30 August 2008


While I was waiting in line at the bar last night, a woman hit on me, very straightforward but also contradictory. I feel too tired to tell the whole story, but she said to me, "You're really cute. I just don't swing that way." That's after asking me if I was in line, then steering me right bellied up to the bar with her hands on my shoulders. She must've been drunk; she returned three martini glasses and ordered three more, presumably for friends. While it's probably not the first time someone hit on me since I've lived in Portland, it's the first one I can remember in a long, long time.

Today was my alonetime. Erik left around 10am with Koh and Dan. I sent them on their way with raspberry smoothies from the trusty Vitamix. I then proceeded to bum around the house, surf Flickr, play lots of wurdle, read a little, tidy up, make some jewelry, go to the farmers' market, prep food, and grab my prescription eye drops. That's it. I grilled yellow and green baby zucchini, Japanese eggplants, tempeh, onions, and bicolor corn, and stir-fried capo peppers for dinner. I also made a cashew-cream pesto sauce. Dad and I ate outside til it was dark and chilly.