x every day: twohundredtwentyeight

31 August 2008


Biked down to Vera Katz on the East Bank Esplanade to meet the other Luna Chix for our construction-themed "Lost in Transition" water table. We were there for four hours; it was chilly and started to rain at the end and I wished I had gloves and a fuzzy hat like Sara.

Drenched from biking home in the rain, I changed clothes and Dad and I went to Vita for brunch. Big ups to Donna for my recent rediscovery of that place-- cornmeal pancakes with sliced bananas, ginger, cilantro, topped with coconut cream! Back home, I took a hot bath and got into bed with all three cats to read and nap. I took a nap! That makes, what, six ever.

My dad and I went to Sara's for her annual kickball party. I thought we'd get out of playing because of the rain, but as true Oregonians we stuck to it. Didn't get too messy, and got to see the darnedest thing: as we were playing, a cat walked up to us, across the field. It walked up to second base, on to third, fourth, and finally to the home plate. Hung out with us for the rest of the game, much to the confused interest of the three dogs there. Only once did the dogs come right up to her, and she held her own. Her name is Athena, and apparently she's known in the neighborhood to hang out with people in the park and run with their dogs.