x every day: twohundredtwentysix

29 August 2008


It was a tough morning. I half-assedly meant to bike in, but didn't. I've felt exhausted and on the verge of getting sick all week, like I haven't gotten over Hood to Coast yet. I only went to my yoga class this week, no other exercise besides walking a lot. My main task for today was writing an article about a run club in Florida for our internal magazine. I did it, but I'm not satisfied in any way. It needs more content, and editing for flow.

Cory dropped his daughter Hanna off so that we could have lunch and hang out together. We ate, went for a walk, saw a nutria, poked a dead snake, and stalked dragonflies. I didn't leave work til 4:30pm, which was sad considering that today was the last day of "summer hours," when we can leave on Fridays after half a day of work. I picked up Erik on the way home, and we walked to New Seasons for a groceries. We're hanging out at home, waiting til 10pm to go to the !!! show at Doug Fir. We're going to dance!