x every day: twohundredthirteen

16 August 2008


Kylie woke me up early: 5am. I got up at 6:10 to meet Anna, Bhavna and Kevin at Duniway Track for an 18 mile run. It was 70 degrees when we started; being the hilliest route in Portland it was a very tough run. On my way home I picked up Erik and we went straight to Sweet Pea Bakery for vegan donuts and iced coffee.

After the feast, the work. I took an ice bath, cleaned up, and we ran errands. I bought new (distance) running shoes, dropped my bike off for a tuneup, bought Erik an easel for painting, stopped for lunch (tried Fat Straw but they were out of bagels and tapioca pearls; it was unexpectedly the Hawthorne Street Fair and a bit crowded) at No Fish Go Fish (no a/c), and then headed home. I did a tiny bit of gardening and lay in the hammock reading Twilight. We went to see "Iron Man" at Laurelhurst to spend some time in the a/c, and walked over for gelato afterwards. Yum.