x every day: twohundredfourteen

17 August 2008


Slept in, if that's what you call waking up a dozen times in a ninety-degree room until 8am. Erik and I walked to Sweet Pea for the all-you-can-eat vegan breakfast buffet, then I went to the Bargain Hunter indie boutique event at the Kennedy School-- this year I was early and although I had to line up it was good to get a head start. I bought a dress and a hat, and got out of there. We had lunch at Pho Van with Erik's parents and his uncle Richard and Hella from Copenhagen. We stopped at home briefly, then ran some errands at Home Depot and Target. Back home, I did a bit a gardening while making a phone call to my mother. We went to Julie's for dinner-- delicious grilled veggies, orzo salad, corn, not-dogs for me and chicken for everyone else (Julie, Erik and Cory).