x every day: twohundredfifteen

18 August 2008


Awoke to a grey stillness, clouds had settled gently in. At one point, absent-mindedly cleaning something in the kitchen sink, I realized that I was watching azalea branches pressed by heavy raindrops, being played like keys on a leafy bush organ. As Erik and I walked out to my car, lightning shocked the sky not far north-- I saw detailed blue forks. The thunder was ripe in rolls of bass. Close by.

I was pretty late for an ophthalmologist appointment. The doctor saw me briefly, to refer me to a contacts specialist. I have to wear these glasses for a while now, yet.

I picked Erik up from work, made shepherds' pie for dinner, watched some Olympics, and took off for a walk. First I headed towards Chaos Cafe, but when I looked up its hours I saw that an open mic night was scheduled. A few other coffeeshops were closed, so I ended up at Palio. I read my very first journal (not diary) and wrote a page, inspired by the words that used to flow from my inky fingertips without fear of edit; it was good to produce. I hope to add quiet reading and writing time back into my days.