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10 July 2008


Rode my bike to work. It was a crazy day, juggling lots of projects and the responsibilities of my whole department, since I'm the only once around for the rest of the week. One of my coworkers also asked for a few personal favors while she's gone for three weeks. Finally got to go to my yoga class, but the big deal of the day was Thirst Thursday, sponsored by the kids/extreme sports department-- skateboarding, BMXing, snowboarding. There were so many people out with whole families, making for the largest crowd I've seen in a while. I stayed til 5:30pm or so, but never quite saw the excitement of last year's stairs covered in snow for an impromptu ramp or the bikers jumping as high as they could, into the lake. I biked home in a daze from the wine and sun, and more or less called it a night.