x every day: onehundredseventyfive

09 July 2008


Dropped Erik off on my way to work. It was nice to spend some quiet morning time together. I really mentally coerced myself to go for an early swim, before lunch-- since I had to leave early for an acupuncture appointment. When I gathered my gear, I realized that, once again, I only had my swimsuit bottoms. Argh! I went for a speed workout instead.

Another folly-- I had brought the Nike+ that I purchased for Erik many months ago, to finally get some use out of it. Since it needs to be calibrated for pace and step length, the track would be perfect. I tried several times, but the plug-in bit could never find the sensor. When I got back to my desk, it finally dawned on my that the piece I put into my shoe was the same as the placeholder piece already in my shoe. Erik had put the real sensor in his shoe and put the placeholder piece back into the box!

I went for acupuncture, then met Donna on N Mississippi. The waffle cart, FlavourSpot, was open, so we got waffles. Yum. We walked up and down a bit, but eeeeverything was closed. Por Que No was so crowded that we eschewed it to get a bit more walking in, and went down to 820 instead. Snagged a perfect corner table on the patio, and it just so happened to be all-day happy hour. We shared sweet potato fries and had a couple of drinks each. Then we drove back to Donna's and went for a quick walk in the cemetery before my bladder's tyranny took over. Such a perfect, lovely summer evening.