x every day: onehundredthirtynine

03 June 2008


Sometimes tiredness overtakes me, and I am not able to control the momentum of my mind through the movement of time. Walking along the river's edge, recalling the scent of thunderstorms about to descend and then I'm there in the window of Sara's little second-floor bathroom, leaning out to take in lungfulls of the sodden, sparking air. The brown horizon cracks in a grey cascade that crawls ominously fast over the rowhouses in the near distance.

Today I went to the eye doctor and learned that my left cornea is pitted and scratched, so it'll be another few months before I can wear contacts again. At least, hopefully I'll be able to wear them again. I went to my favorite yoga class and to LunaChix-- discovering that OMSI has decided to charge for parking and that two weeks makes three miles feel uncomfortable-- came home and ate random crap from the fridge, and then Erik and I went for a walk down to the river. I started back in on uploading Japan photos, but since I have more than a hundred similar photos from the flower island near Fukuoka, I'll have to get through all of them a first round to be able to edit down to only the unique ones. We'll see how that goes, but I suspect the 80/20 rule applies.