x every day: onehundredforty

04 June 2008


Today's count: two very athletic men wearing only tiny running shorts, jogging slowly around the soccer field; a chipmunk darting across the path in Tualatin Hills Nature Park; a nutria swimming under the bridge at the end of my sprint; a white-tailed deer racing me back to the gym.

After work, our social plans fell through so I made pizza (sauce for it first, of course, with herbs from the garden), oven-dried grape tomatoes, Cinnamon Chocolate Cake (without the espresso, and with egg-replacer. And despite the name of the actual recipe, they in no way resemble bars rather than an uber-rich cake.) and I finally whipped up the Soyatoo to try a rhubarb-blueberry fool with the compote I made on Thursday before we left for the weekend in MD. Now that's a perfect evening. And then we went to go see "Sex & the City."