x every day: onehundredthirtyone

27 May 2008


A cuddle with Kenard in bed, breakfast with Ted at Bijou, and a trip to Home Depot. Ted's coworker friend Brian (aka Yeti-- he's big)came over to help work on Ted's house. He prepped the living room and then worked on the bathroom-- there's running water in the kitchen sink, but no toilet or shower right now. Ted's been coming to my house every night to get clean. Anyhow, he showed me how to use his paint sprayer and we painted the basement. He painted the living room ceiling and then I was supposed to paint the walls, but my haircut appointment was indeed not a mistake. By the time I got back to Ted's house he had finished painting the living room. I went home, Julie and Kathleen came over, Erik came home, and we all went out to a late showing of the new Indiana Jones movie. It was not good.