x every day: onehundredthirty

25 May 2008


A fairly relaxing morning reading the paper in bed-- my mom's, in the main (living) room of her apartment. The "bedroom" is her craft room/office. We drove out to Crescent Lake, to the Storm King Ranger Station/ Parking Lot-- it's not exactly a trailhead, but the ranger station itself was closed. We hiked to Marymere Falls, which was about a mile & a half roundtrip, but supposed to take an hour and a half. I think it took an hour, even with all of the stops, photo-taking, and plant-identifying. Back in Port Angeles, we ate a fast food lunch and Erik & I got on the road. We made a brief stop for a drink with Julie, Brian and Kathleen, then drove on home. I made lettuce wraps for dinner and we settled back home-- it's trash night, after all.