x every day: onehundredthree

29 April 2008


I realized today that I had reverted to my Japan-style entry and written about the previous day instead of the current day, so let me now clear that up. Yesterday we hung out in our hotel room in Vegas, went to the airport early, flew home, then I set up the hammock and dug out some dandelions. That's about it.

Erik and I are just back from the Cut Copy show, which I tried to recreate in the photo. It was a crazy sweaty crush of bodies, which was somehow endurable because of the excellence of the music. I went straight from work (latish) to Josh's coworker's house for dinner, where we met the band (and his beautiful children). Then we went to the show-- early, right before the first band. We watched and danced to all three bands. That hasn't happened in a while. All three bands were awesome. I can't even recall the last time that occurred.

No hearing, no problem. Time now for bed.