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27 April 2008


Alright, this one's a bit of a double-cheat. I truly forgot to post yesterday. Granted, we had flown into Vegas and didn't get back til 2:30am after walking for hours, which was after SEEING THE VERVE. Yes, I SAW THE VERVE and my mind is still blown. They sounded great (cons: followed the albums very closely, only one song from Storm in Heaven, not much banter. pros: THE VERVE, Richard looked and sounded fantastic, THE VERVE!, played "Life's an Ocean"). Upon arrival in Vegas, we had to wait half an hour for the hotel shuttle to pick us up, even though the hotel is located at the corner of the airport. Walking on or off the airport is not allowed, you see.

Then we ended up taking a cab out to a restaurant I had researched (Samosa Factory, decent). We took the bus down to the Palms, super early. I wanted to be early. Like, mega early-- an hour and a half early. I think that illustrates the seriousness of seeing the Verve, perhaps more than anything else.

After a few drinks waiting around in the casino, we saw the show. Richard had his fly unzipped the whole time. Accidentally. Poor guy.

Afterwards we walked to Ronald's Donuts for vegan donuts, but it was closed. We took the bus back to the strip, talking to a sweet, odd woman at the bus stop. She gave me a funny bling ring which a security guard at the Venetian asked was real. I'm not sure if he was joking or not, but it was funny regardless.

So yeah, we walked down the Strip, through the Venetian, on a wild goose chase to find a monorail station. Took the monorail to the end and walked back to our hotel. I not only forgot to create an entry, I'm using a photo I took last night for this one. But technically, I took the photo today-- April 27th. Lame excuse, I know.